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Not Misleading: Coffee Caps Ruling Affirms OK compost Certification Marks

  •   11/26/2020

In a legal dispute between two manufacturers of coffee caps, the complainant petitioned to have the respondent remove OK compost marks from all packaging on grounds of misleading information. The Düsseldorf High Regional Court has denied this petition and confirmed the validity of the OK compost certification mark.

Regarding the OK compost mark, the July 9, 2020 appeal judgement specifically rules that


-        the TÜV AUSTRIA OK compost marking perfectly reflects the coffee cap test report

-        the TÜV AUSTRIA test report is based on the TÜV AUSTRIA testing program for home composting the EU Commission named an “industry standard”

-        the TÜV AUSTRIA OK compost HOME mark of conformity was issued independently based only on the proven test results

-        the TÜV AUSTRIA OK compost HOME mark is not misleading

-        the TÜV AUSTRIA OK compost HOME mark of conformity is based on perfectly defined and comprehensible criteria

-        TÜV AUSTRIA performed all tests independently and competently according to the requirements of current law.


TÜV AUSTRIA OK compost HOME certification system guarantees complete biodegradability in the light of specific requirements in your garden compost heap.