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Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


Through certification, we want to offer a tool for fair play in the market of bioplastics and, by extension, all compostable, biodegradable and biobased products. As a 100% independent party, we apply the same rules for everyone.

This not only supports the market for bioplastics, but indirectly the larger mission of our customers too. Our customers are proud of their sustainable production and therefore invest in their credibility on the market. Preferably without disclosing confidential details of their products.

In addition, we also provide clarity for the final consumer. Based on our certification logos, he or she can immediately recognize the independently certified product. 



The inconsiderate use of conventional plastics has led to a major waste problem. The size of waste islands at sea and the pollution of the coasts are one of the biggest symptoms that cannot be overlooked.

The rapid speed at which fossil raw materials are used leads to the ultimate depletion of these raw materials and to an accelerated accumulation of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

Only large-scale joint efforts can provide an adequate response to this, as long as the intention really is to contribute to the solution, and not just to drape marketing on a further empty box. Consequently, necessary regulators play an important role here in encouraging genuine solutions and unmasking hollow claims, provided these regulators use broadly supported references, such as CEN, ISO or other international standards. And of course, operate fully independently.

As the current and future world leader in certification on the market of bioplastics, and by extension all compostable, biodegradable and biobased products, TÜV AUSTRIA Belgium, can and wants to take on this role of the recognized market regulator and stimulator.


Since 1st December 2017, the bioplastics certification activities of Vinçotte have been transferred to TÜV AUSTRIA Belgium.

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