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Living the future: TÜV AUSTRIA launches its new claim digital.now – Connecting Technology. Living the future.

  •   03/09/2021

Safe, digital and networked technologies and communities for a common future.


COVID-19 lockdowns are changing our world. But life still goes on. Society has managed to keep going and make advances thanks to its daily commitment to everyday life during the pandemic. The employees of TÜV AUSTRIA have been a reliable partner for technical safety, basic and further training since the start of the crisis. TÜV AUSTRIA helps unite technology and society to look ahead and live the future together with its digital innovations. This positive and forward-looking approach is spelled out by the new claim of the TÜV AUSTRIA Group: digital.now – Connecting Technology. Living the Future.


A strong partner in the crisis too

The TÜV AUSTRIA Group was able to react directly to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to its 50 companies in over 20 countries. Every line of business needed the help that was offered by the digitization strategy of the Austrian group of companies with its more than 2,000 experts – and still does to this day. Because TÜV AUSTRIA isn’t defined by a limited offer of testing services. The test, inspection and certification institution that has its roots in Vienna integrates technologies and methods across all industries so that it can live up to its claim and responsibility to safety and security in view of the huge demand for technical safety solutions and training activities, especially during this crisis.


Companies realize that technical safety is a competitive factor

Technical safety is proving to be a key competitive factor during the pandemic. TÜV AUSTRIA helps companies meet their social responsibility. Whether this be remote-controlled boiler tests in Italy, the on-site approval of liquid gas tanks in Portugal, contactless vehicle tests in Austria or OK compost certifications in Belgium, remote audits in Spain and OT security tests in Germany – safety knows no “emergency stop”.


Innovation labs and research cooperations create market advantages for companies

TÜV AUSTRIA has been investing in innovative labs within the group of companies as well as cooperation projects with scientific and academic institutions such as Vienna Technical University and the JKU in Upper Austria for many years. The know-how, experience and innovations are incorporated directly in customer-based solutions that already profit from the specific use of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and big data with TÜV AUSTRIA as a partner.


Supporting strategic acquisitions

The Austrian group of companies is constantly extending its competences through national and international acquisition projects. TÜV AUSTRIA Group thus enables multinational forms to vertically integrate the TÜV AUSTRIA portfolio of solutions in all of their sites. “Connecting Technology” is the name given to this approach by the company founded in 1872, which brings together various technologies, but above all cultures and experiences, to produce a joint result.


Top talents develop solutions for technical safety and security

Its innovative approach makes TÜV AUSTRIA an attractive employer. The highly-qualified workforce grows by more than 200 employees every year. It’s the meaningful tasks performed by every single one of the more than 2,200 experts every day that make it their personal responsibility to realize their vision of improving technical safety. Internal innovation competitions and expert panels support the cross-border innovation community in TÜV AUSTRIA’s own social network “innovatüv”.


State-of-the-art locations, test and research center in Vienna

The TÜV AUSTRIA locations are being reorganized to create state-of-the-art opportunities for the employees to help shape the markets. The Technology & Innovation Center in Vienna, for example, is currently evolving into Austria’s biggest test and research center. International companies trust in the concentration of the most varied procedures and fields at this vibrant location.


Resource-saving working, sustainable planning

The internationally operative TÜV AUSTRIA Group is fully aware of its role in a changing, endangered environment across all of its locations. As a renowned environmental technology service provider with special expertise in the water sector and hygiene, TÜV AUSTRIA acts as a role model: all of its Austrian locations are operated with green power generated domestically, they are equipped with charging stations, its fleet of vehicles has been converted to e-vehicles and the central purchasing department has switched to buying sustainable products.


Digital. Sustainable. Safe.

Its orientation as an innovative partner that combines technology, the environment and society to live the future in a sustainable, resource-saving and safe way is presented in the new claim of the TÜV AUSTRIA Group: “digital.now | Connecting Technology. Living the Future.”